About Me

Debbie JacobsenHi, my name is Debbie, and I’m a typical everyday person just like you. I grew up eating typical American foods, living the typical American lifestyle and taking typical American prescription drugs and over the counter medications. Until a couple of years ago, I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, seasonal allergies, and always managed to get a few nasty colds, sinus infections and/or viruses each year.

For years I suffered with chronic urticaria (hives) with “no known cause”. I was taking a fistful of antihistamines every day and steroids every few months, and it seemed the ugly, itching rash was just getting worse. Out of desperation I started looking for a natural cure, or at least an alternative way to get some relief. As I read, researched and scoured the internet for information, I found that there were many, many more people out there in the same situation I was; at the end of the road with prescription drugs and looking for anything that might help resolve their illness.

As I learned more about natural healing, which is all about giving your body what it needs in order to heal, I came to the realization that I was toxic. My body was full of a lifetime of accumulated toxins and was trying to eliminate them through the skin. The hives were my body’s way of telling me I was poisoning it. In order to fix this problem, I knew I had to stop putting more toxins in while finding ways to help my body remove the toxic buildup. Sounds easy, right? In theory it does sound simple, but I quickly found out that buying and doing a quick “detox in a box” was a waste of money. I tried some other DIY “flushes” and “cleanses” too, but still had hives.

Through my own trial and error I discovered that although a quick detox or flush might have helped eliminate some toxins, it didn’t begin to touch the lifetime’s worth of poison that was stored within my cells. I guess I was so accustomed to taking prescription drugs that I expected a “quick fix” through natural healing as well. Unfortunately, I learned there is no “magic pill” when it comes to getting clean. Although there are supplements you can take and many things you can do to assist your body in cleansing (and ultimate healing), the path to becoming clean is a gradual one, made up of small changes here and there. “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”, is what I tell myself now when it comes to my wellness goals. Patience and persistence is the key.

I worked hard at eating cleaner and living cleaner for well over a year before the hives went away completely, although I saw gradual lessening of severity during the process. That told me I was on the right track. As my body got cleaner, other ailments went away too. My blood pressure and cholesterol eventually normalized, allergies went away, and I’m rarely ill these days. I think I’ve had one tiny cold in the last two years.

As part of my cleansing process, I weaned myself off of all prescription drugs. I made changes to my diet, substituting toxic and inflammatory foods with natural, “clean”, whole-food choices. I started learning to identify toxic household products, and swapped them with natural alternatives. I learned to drink water (LOTS of it), and most importantly, I learned about different types of water and how to choose “clean”, healthy water.

My journey to improved wellness and well-being is an ongoing process. I’ve learned (and am still learning) how to replace things that are not good for my body with those things that make me thrive.
Becoming clean is all about making different choices. I still eat the same kind of foods I used to eat, except now I prepare them a little differently and with clean ingredients. I still clean my house and wash my clothes the same way, except now I try to use natural or non-toxic cleansers instead of chemical-laden products. I don’t take prescription drugs anymore unless absolutely necessary. Instead, I take a few high quality supplements every day to help my immune system stay strong, and I rely on good nutrition to ensure I remain healthy. I even switched my primary care physician from one whose focus was on prescription drugs to one who takes a holistic approach to medicine. My new doctor talks to me about nutrition and recommends supplements as needed to keep all systems balanced. This quote from Hippocrates hangs on her wall: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

My journey to becoming clean is not complete, and probably never will be. It’s an ongoing process. Although I’ve managed to remove most of the old toxic buildup and I’m doing my best to ensure that most of what goes in me and on me is clean, toxins are always going to be present. Some toxins you can’t easily avoid, like exhaust fumes. Some you can avoid, but may choose not to, like refined sugar or processed food. I think the key to wellness and well-being is to ensure you always have a much higher proportion of good, clean stuff in order to counteract the bad. This way, you can have some bad stuff every now and then and it won’t hurt you (did I hear someone say ice cream?).

In my quest to find a cure for my own illness, I’ve learned a great deal about natural healing through nutrition. I’ve shared what I know with friends and family, and they too are seeing long term health issues resolve just by making some different nutrition choices. Even my 14 year old dog has had a major health change. A year ago, she had a hard time walking due to arthritis, and had gotten overweight from lack of exercise. She couldn’t climb stairs anymore, and had to be carried up. I started supplementing her food with home-cooked, “clean” meats and veggies. Today, she is at a healthy weight and runs and plays like a puppy. She even runs up stairs! That is the power of clean eating and good nutrition!

I’m so excited about the power of nutrition and can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you!  I love to cook, ferment my own vegetables, and make my own kombucha, so I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipies with you.  Here’s to reclaiming your health while still having fun!