Cleaning Up Negative Thought Patterns

Today I want to focus on cleaning up negative thought patterns.  Just as physical health is improved by eating a cleaner diet and exercising, mental health is improved by thinking “cleaner”,  more positive thoughts and thereby developing new thought patterns.   When I made the decision to clean up my diet, one of the first … Read more

Make Your Own Healthy Nut Milk or Seed Milk

I always thought the store-bought nut milks were healthy “clean” choices, until I looked really carefully at the ingredients list. The almond milk I was buying contained added vitamins and minerals, locust bean gum and gellan gum (what the heck is that?), just to name a few strange items. The coconut milk I was buying … Read more

Becoming Clean – The Starting Point

Three years ago I had high blood pressure, asthma, chronic urticaria (hives), eczema, regular bouts with muscle spasms in my back, and I was three sizes larger than I am today. Oh yes, I also had high cholesterol. I smoked cigarettes, drank a lot of beer and my diet centered around processed food, junk food, … Read more