Cleaning Up Negative Thought Patterns

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Today I want to focus on cleaning up negative thought patterns.  Just as physical health is improved by eating a cleaner diet and IMG_2277exercising, mental health is improved by thinking “cleaner”,  more positive thoughts and thereby developing new thought patterns.


When I made the decision to clean up my diet, one of the first things I did was clean my pantry.  I read every label and got rid of everything that contained chemical additives (which was almost everything).  I then started the process of replacing the “bad” foods with healthier choices.   The transition from “junk food” pantry to “clean food” pantry involved some time and patience because I had to “retrain” myself first.  The “retraining” period involved making a conscious effort to find clean ingredient substitutions for my favorite recipes.  It also involved making a conscious effort to read every label when grocery shopping.  Now that I’ve learned how to identify and work with clean foods, shopping and cooking is no big deal.  Making the transition however, took some effort on my part.  The same process applies to cleaning up thoughts.


Negative Thoughts Create Discontent


This year has been mentally trying for me.  The company I work for has been restructuring and going through some major organizational changes.  Many of my colleagues have lost their jobs, and those of us who are still employed have been through a lot of questioning and finger-pointing.  Not a pleasant situation.  For months I consistently experienced thoughts of uncertainty, paranoia, blame, criticism, doubt and worry.  I became critical, cynical, and self-doubting, which is not my nature.  I am normally a happy, optimistic person and all this negativity caused me to lose sight of my true self.   I know that thoughts create our reality, and also knew that if I didn’t make some changes to the way I was looking at things, law of attraction would bring me more grief.  So I set out to change my thoughts….


Changing Your Thoughts Changes What You Attract


Just like cleaning up my diet, one of the first things I did to clean up my thoughts was to find and eliminate the negative, self-defeating thoughts I was having.  One of my favorite quotes by Wayne Dyer is “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.  I thought of this as I examined my situation, and made a choice to start looking at things differently.  The next time I received a questioning email from upper management, instead of thinking “they’re out to get me”, I changed the thought to “they’re trying to make things better, and want my help”.  From this point on, things started changing for me.  The probing, accusatory mails tapered off and stopped!  I made a conscious effort to “retrain” myself to change the way I viewed things and I stopped attracting things that made me feel bad at work.


Cleaning Up Negative Thought Patterns


I’m working on getting even “cleaner” with regard to my mind and thoughts.  Just as switching to cleaner foods made a huge difference in my physical well-being, switching to “cleaner” thoughts (i.e. more positive ones) is making a big difference in my mental well-being.  I started my “clean negative thought patterns” program, two weeks ago and within a couple of days I noticed some difference.  I felt more grounded, peaceful, and calm.  The tension I always carried in my upper back started disappearing within week, and I have movement in my spine now, where the vertebrae always been stiff in the past.  My chiropractor noticed a big difference within two weeks of starting my “retraining”!  Thoughts really do create reality, and as I retrain my mind, I’m in the process of creating a spectacular future for myself!


How to Retrain Your Mind

Here are some things I’m doing to clean up my negative thought patterns and retrain my mind:

  • I make a conscious effort to recognize negative thoughts as they come in, and don’t pay them any attention.  Just be aware of a negative thought coming in and watch it go out.  If you focus on it, or even say “no” to it, you draw attention to it and it give it power.  This is a bit hard to do, but once you master it, it’s a wonderful way to keep the bad stuff away!
  • As I notice a negative thought come and go, I think of something positive and uplifting that makes me smile.
  • I only participate in positive conversations. If others want to complain, argue, or criticize, I politely find a way to change the subject or leave the room.
  •  I take time each day to listen to a guided meditation.  I have several excellent guided meditations to choose from, depending on my mood.  I listen to one every night as I go to sleep.  Even if you fall asleep, your subconscious mind hears the message.     Some of my favorites are: Abraham’s Getting Into The Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide, Louise Hay’s Morning & Evening Meditations, and Louise Hay’s Meditations for Personal Healing.
  • In addition, in the mornings I’ve been listening to Jon Gabriel’s 21 day weight loss meditations.  This is a series of 21 daily meditations, each about 10 minutes. In addition to training your mind to naturally shed excess weight, the meditations are very positive, relaxing and healing.  It’s a quick and easy way to start my day on a positive note, and my body will naturally reach it’s ideal weight as well!
  • I’m also reading something positive every day. Right now, I’m reading Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. It’s a wonderful, uplifting and insightful book that’s helping me learn how to replace negative thoughts with positive. It’s also teaching me how to use affirmations to change anything I want effortlessly and easily.

Cleaning up thought patterns is just as important to mental well-being as cleaning up your diet is to physical well-being.   As with learning anything new, it takes some time and effort, but it’s sooooo worth it!  Enjoy the journey!

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