Becoming Clean – The Starting Point

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IMG_2278Three years ago I had high blood pressure, asthma, chronic urticaria (hives), eczema, regular bouts with muscle spasms in my back, and I was three sizes larger than I am today. Oh yes, I also had high cholesterol. I smoked cigarettes, drank a lot of beer and my diet centered around processed food, junk food, sweets and fast food. I sat behind a desk everyday and got no exercise. I took a fistful of prescription drugs every day. The products I used for house cleaning as well as personal hygiene were standard “off the shelf” brands that contained ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. I had no idea what I was putting in my mouth, on my body, washing my clothes with or cleaning my house with – and I really didn’t care. At the time, I was totally ignorant to the fact that all of my health issues were self induced.

My first “wake up call” came when my blood pressure got so high that I realized I was a great candidate for a debilitating stroke. Another came when my weight hit an all-time high. Yet another came when my chronic hives got so bad I literally could not sleep at night due to the intense itching. I quit smoking, lost some weight and started exercising a few times a week. Although I felt better, I still didn’t feel that good. I was able to reduce the blood pressure medication, but still took a lot of pills. Numerous tests revealed “no known cause” for the chronic urticaria, which wasn’t controlled even after a course of prednisone and four different types of antihistamines per day. I’d had enough! I was fed up with modern medicine and prescription drugs, and determined to find another way to “fix” my problems.

At this point I started reading books, researching and looking into alternative treatments on the internet. I was astounded to find thousands and thousands of others just like me; with chronic health conditions that could not be cured with medication. Eventually it became very clear to me that my body was full of a lifetime of toxins, and throwing more chemicals (aka prescription and OTC drugs) down my throat was only making matters worse. I needed to get my system clean in order to regain my health, happiness and vitality. Now the big questions were: HOW to go about doing that? WHERE do I start? WHAT do I focus on? ……

Fast forward three years….

I shake my head in disbelief when I think about all the prescription drugs and over the counter medications I took every day for years. Now I take nothing. My blood pressure is perfect, cholesterol is normal and I’ve lost over 20% of my body weight. I no longer have asthma and have no need to carry a rescue inhaler as a precaution. The strange hives are gone and most days I feel fantastic! I sleep like a baby, eat like a queen and have at least one great poop every day! Although I’m still striving for more improvements, I am truly blessed to have found a path that has taken me (and my loved ones) to greater health and wellness. My intent is now to share what I’ve learned in order to benefit others.

The road to becoming clean is a very confusing one. There is so much information out there, and so many choices. It’s very overwhelming and hard to know what to do first. Unfortunately, there isn’t a “magic pill” or a quick fix. You just have to take baby steps and make little changes that add up over time. Not every thing is right for everybody. Just like shopping, you have to try it first to see if it works for you. If it feels good, you might try it, otherwise, move on….. In this blog I’ll share what I know and what has worked for me. Hopefully this information will help you too!

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